Meet Bosko Saric – Trainer

Meet Bosko Saric – Trainer

You would be hard-pressed to find one of Bosko’s students who doesn’t love his class. Learning codes and regulations can be tedious, but not with Bosko, who uses humour and stories from the worksite to create an interactive classroom environment at Builders Academy Australia.

“I can teach you how to use a computer, just as well as you can swing a hammer,” Bosko says, his promise to even the most old-school tradies.

This is because Bosko doesn’t believe that computers are something to be afraid of. He thinks of them as something that every tradesperson should be using, because they can make the life of any tradie easier.

How do You Waste a Cert IV?

“If you’re doing a paper-based Cert IV, you’re wasting your Cert IV.”

That might sound a little extreme, but Bosko fully believes it. In the real world, you don’t get to use a pen and paper anymore, which means any tradie who wants to move further in their career needs a certain level of competence.

“Here at BAA we teach you how to utilise a computer,” Bosko says. “You wish to become a foreman, a builder or something along those lines. If you can’t use a computer and you’ve done a Cert IV paper based, you’ve wasted your Cert IV.”

Bosko says that computers can be particularly daunting for mature age students who haven’t grown up on computers. These skills are particularly important for them as they look to move off the tools.

Still, he is confident that even an old dog can learn new tricks. He’s seen it before.

“I’ve seen so many students come in, barely able to open their computer and switch it on.”

“By the time they leave they’re utilising Excel, they’re showing others how it’s done. They’re showing me things.”

Bosko says that a lot of the courses out there still don’t properly train students on computers.

“BAA is the only company to teach the Cert IV online,” he says, adding that all the others he knows of are paper based.

“When I see that, that’s when I realise BAA is the place for me. I’ve been offered many an opportunity to train elsewhere, but if they tell me they do paper based, I refuse.”

Why BAA is the Place for Networking

BAA has a focus on skilling students in the latest technology. But it also offers opportunities to network with a school that has decades of experience and a lot of contacts in the industry.

“I think we’ve got one of the best networks set up to aid all students at all levels.”

Bosko thinks, that as much as learning new skills and knowledge, this is one of the most valuable things about BAA for students.

“BAA supports aspiring builders by having a mentoring program,” he says. “Not only do we help you with your Cert IV and Diploma. Then, we help you with your application and moving forward with the VBA to put your application in for any form of builder’s license.”

“The builder registration mentoring program is given free to all students of Cert IV and Diploma, and it’s one of the best things we have here at Builders Academy.”

Bosko says there are two reasons this kind of network is particularly useful for people undergoing a Cert IV.

“Firstly, people just want to progress. The other thing is people are just sick of swinging that hammer and they want to move on and learn something on the other side. They just want to become managers, builders or foreman.”

Not only does BAA provide that knowledge, it also provides the connections that help tradies move into that side. Even the students, who come from a variety of trade backgrounds, labouring, civil engineering and insurance backgrounds, often help each other make new connections.

“I’ve actually helped about seven or eight students become employed, just through my own connections, which are quite vast in the building and construction industry. The networking just never seems to end.”

Laughter is the Best Lessons

“What we need to do is understand what the budget is talking about and write out our report,” Bosko says to a class of students, who are all listening intently.

Talking about reports, budgets and regulations can be pretty dry, but Bosko knows how to get people interested and engaged in this kind of stuff.

“I create a pretty jovial environment, where we all rip on each other a fair bit, we all feel like we’re all mates.”

This can be important because a lot of tradespeople have spent a lot of time away from the classroom.

“From there, the fears of mispronouncing a word or not being able to utilise your computer like some 15-year-old computer genius just falls to the wayside.”

Bosko and the other trainers at BAA run their classrooms like this because they are tradies. They understand the challenges of working a long day and then coming to study.

“We understand what a tradie needs because every trainer here is either a builder or a licensed plumber or sparkie or a tradie in their own right. We know how to communicate with the guys because we’ve been in their shoes before.”

Some of the stuff tradies learn in the course is more technical than many would be used to. This means that you can’t use the same approach as you would use for a school or university classroom. You need an approach designed specifically for tradespeople.

“We understand their needs. We understand that they’re not all computer literate right from the onset. We show them how to get onto it and how to utilise the computer as a tool, better than a hammer.”

“Everyone just gets along. We all ask the same questions. We’re all in the same boat. We all share the stories, we all laugh.”

“We get it done.”

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