Meet Ash Atar ⁠— Kowanj Australia

Meet Ash Atar ⁠— Kowanj Australia

Ashoup Atar is the CEO of Kowanj, a recruitment agency and training organisation that works with people from migrant backgrounds to help them find meaningful employment.

“The most rewarding part of my job is watching the journeys of migrant and refugee students and jobseekers, seeing how successful, hopeful, confident and independent they become through our extensive work with them,” Ash says.

Read on to learn how Kowanj and Builders Academy Australia are working together to break down barriers and get people into meaningful careers in the building and construction industry.

Meet Abdi – Certificate II in Construction Pathways

Meet Abdi – Certificate II in Construction Pathways

Abdi wants an exciting career in trades. That means, it’s not only important for him to get the practical training that he needs to get started in the industry, he also needs mentoring that will give him the employability skills that will help him get a job as a bricklayer.

Builders Academy Australia gives him both.

“BAA is giving us certain assurances, like how to do our resumes and cover letters. I’ve learnt a lot of amazing new skills, in the departments of carpentry and bricklaying.”

Abdi is taking his future into his own hands. With BAA, he knows he will get where he wants to go.

Meet Fiona McDonald

Meet Fiona McDonald

Why are so few women taking up careers in the trades?

Female participation in the trades has remained low over the past 25 years, closing women off to the many opportunities that a career in the trades offers.

Trades Women Australia (TWA) is going to change that, with important research into the real reasons fewer women are choosing trades and consultancy with industry leaders to help them secure and retain more female talent.

We recently spoke to Fiona McDonald, former light-vehicle apprentice and executive director at Trades Women Australia, to find out why women aren’t entering trades, how we can change that, and how these changes will benefit everyone in the industry.